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Chen Style Tai Chi

Chen Style Tai Chi is the oldest and original form of Tai Chi. It is believed to originate in the 13th Century in Henan Province but documented proof only starts in the 17th Century.

Tai Chi is characterised by it's slow, elegant, unbroken movements. These are gentle on the joints and muscles. Through the gentle moves of Tai Chi, a practitioner can exercise without damaging their joints. By moving gently we can improve mobility.

Chen Style Tai Chi combines slow movements with sudden explosive strikes and kicks. Students start with easy modified versions and build up to more advanced versions when they are ready. 

Our classes also incorporate weapons training in the stick and sword. 

Chen Tai Chi Sequence_-25.jpg

Kung Fu Tai Chi


Kung Fu is the umbrella term for Chinese Martial arts. These are characterised by using an opponent's force against themselves. 

The Kung Fu Tai Chi classes combine China Na (seize and control), kicks, strikes, pad work, locks and throws. Students learn realistic self defence in a fun and friendly environment that's suitable for varied ability. These classes are ideal for women and teenagers to learn self defence. 

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